Automation is simplifying tasks across industries, and the recruitment industry is not left behind. Every recruitment team performs a critical role, considering the added challenge of uncertainty in hiring trends. When hiring surges occur, the number of open positions quickly piles up. The pressure to fill those positions with the best talent increases exponentially. With large numbers of applications coming in daily, it takes massive effort to track every part of the hiring process. This is where it becomes integral to include automation techniques into the hiring and candidate onboarding process. Automation, along with aiding recruiters hire efficiently, saves time and resources as well.

Automation and AI-powered candidate onboarding tools help increase operational efficiency in sourcing, scheduling, onboarding, screening, engaging and more. This speeds up hiring efficiency and keeps the candidate engaged throughout the process, decreasing the chances of candidate ghosting, which is every recruiter’s nightmare post offer.

Automation simplifies and enhances the hiring process and positively helps recruiters, along with ensuring that the human aspect of the hiring process is not hindered. It’s a part of the hiring process that simplifies things to make it a personalized experience for the candidates and help recruiters prioritize tasks.

Candidate Onboarding: 6 Process Automations for Efficiency

1. Sourcing
Recruiters spend about one-third of their workweek sourcing candidates, which is not a very feasible time distribution when a large number of open positions are to be filled in a short duration of time. Having a centralized dashboard helps recruiters manage job postings, reducing the time spent on posting and handling the same on multiple sites. With the help of candidate onboarding automation tools, recruiters can automate the distribution and maintenance of job postings across Linkedin, Glassdoor, Indeed, AmbitionBox and many more career sites.
A recruiter can also auto-select post destinations based on niche job requirements so the most eligible candidates come across the job posting. This also helps manage and edit job postings as required across all platforms. Letting you grow and
nurture candidate relationships efficiently.

2. Automated Candidate Search

Automation enables the search of candidates from the needed skills and experience at scale. A CRM helps capture and store candidate data that helps build a strong pipeline of skilled talent; this way, the recruiters will always have the most qualified candidates when a hiring need arises.

3. Passive Candidate Engagement
With the help of technology, you can keep the candidates up to date and engaged with job notifications and other employment branded content. You can nurture passive candidates with SMS campaigns about new opportunities and employment content that helps improve conversion rates in the future with minimum effort.

4. Regular communication and building a Rapport Post Offer
There is always uncertainty from the moment a job offer is made. Many factors add to the uncertainty, such as long notice period, lack of engagement, high demand for skilled candidates and more.
With the help of platforms like HireLoop, recruiters can bridge the gap and keep the candidates engaged with continuous, relevant interactions and help build a stronger connection with the organization, in turn, reducing the level of uncertainty.

5. Timely Prediction & Analysis

Data-driven analysis keeping in mind various parameters aids candidates in assessing candidates and creating quantitative risk scores. With this analysis, recruiters can have fair warning about at-risk candidates along with the time to build a timely contingency plan which plays a significant role in reducing overall post-offer dropouts.

Hireloop provides insights into each candidate’s interest and engagement level. This information helps recruiters divide candidates into groups and targets them with outreach campaigns based on real-time engagement data.

6. Track Productivity Weekly/Monthly/Yearly
Automation helps reduce recruiters’ workload, allowing them to focus on critical tasks. Automation also helps track and analyze hiring performance to understand recruitment outcomes with feedback forms, post joining and post drop-out surveys. This helps improvise the overall recruitment process in the long run.


Let HireLoop help you.

Candidate Engagement & Experience is prioritizing the hiring processes in organizations, as it reduces dropouts and creates a better candidate onboarding experience with dropout risk analysis and prediction with the help of the right technology and tools.

HireLoop is a Candidate Engagement platform using unique and innovative ways to attain the goal of building a bridge between the candidate and the organization. HireLoop is here to help you enhance and alter your Candidate Engagement with, thereby, impacting the overall branding of your organization, elevating your talent pool, yielding a better ROI and more.

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