More than 85% of the employees believe that they should be rewarded for a job well done. In today’s competitive talent market, it is crucial to keep top talent engaged and motivated. There are several ways in which you can use recognition to boost employee morale and productivity. Gifting is one of the ways to reward employees. However,  finding the right gift has always been a concern for companies while managing their existing workload and deciding that one gift that will please all demography. In this article we have put together seven factors that you need to consider while selecting a vendor for your corporate gifting requirements. Let’s get started.

7 Factors to consider while selecting corporate gifting companies

1. Quality of the gifts:

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When it comes to employee gifting or business gifting, quality is key. The perceived value should always be the same or higher than the actual cost  and you also want your employees and clients to cherish the gift. So always look for a company that offers high-quality gifts that are well-made and are something your employees would find useful. While choosing gifts, don’t forget to consider their tastes and preferences, ask for samples and recommendations, to ensure that the gifts align with your company’s values and culture.

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2. Customization options:

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Another important factor to consider while choosing corporate gifting companies are the level of customization that a company offers. Each company is unique when it comes to their culture and values. And want to have their branding, personalised message etc  visible on each and every special occasion. So, look for a company that allows you to customise gifts . This can be an excellent way to reinforce your company’s identity and make the gifts more personal.

3. Flexibility:

Corporate gifting companies must provide you the flexibility to select from a variety of options, whether it be one-time gifts or recurring gift subscriptions. Select companies that offer a variety of options to choose from. This way you can tailor your gifting program to best suit the needs of your company, employees and clients.

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4. Customer service:

When working with a business gifting company, you want to be sure that you’re working with a company that prioritises customer service. Good customer service is important for several reasons. You want to get your queries answered promptly, issues resolved quickly, and just to have someone pickup your call when you are concerned. In order to have a positive buying experience, always look for a company with a reputation for providing excellent service and that is responsive to your questions and concerns. 

5. Cost-effectiveness:

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Of course, cost is always an important factor to consider when making any business decision. Compare prices from different employee gifting companies to ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money. You want to go for the most reasonable vendor that provides you the best products. When you are buying gifts in bulk or doing it on a regular basis, then cost becomes a crucial factor. But keep in mind not to only consider this factor while choosing your vendor. Most people only care about costs, until they face issues with their orders. So consider the other factors that we have discussed in this article.

6. Delivery and logistics:

In an increasingly remote corporate world, team members can be working from outside of corporate buildings. But that doesn’t mean they have to be excluded from gifting or rewards. While choosing a corporate gifting company, consider how the company handles delivery, logistics, and replacement. Find out if there are any restrictions on delivery, such as geographical limitations. And don’t forget the tracking. We want to be updated in real time about our shipments.

7. Beyond Merchandise:

When companies think about gifting, they usually think of merchandise. But there are thousands of other gifts that can delight your fellow team members. You can consider gifting experiences like vacations and resort stay, gift vouchers that are redeemable from popular websites, and other unique types of gifting that do not come under the usual gifting category. Look for such corporate gifting companies that have the flexibility to go beyond usual merchandise to level up your gifting.

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Reasons to delight your employees with gifts

You might ask why companies should take on more cost by gifting their employees and clients when there are a lot of other non-monetary benefits being given to the employees and clients. Well, companies are trying to get a hold on top talent by showing that they care and also reward employees for a great work done. Each company is ready to give a package better than the other for the right talent. Then what makes top talents stay with certain companies? This is where the culture of Care comes in . Here are top 5 reasons why you must delight your employees with gifts and show appreciation whenever you get the chance.

1. Increased employee morale and job satisfaction:

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they tend to work with more dedication and feel satisfied at their role. According to a survey, more than 50% of the employees said that they would leave a company that did not praise or thank them for their work. So imagine how much of an impact gifting can have. We have seen companies going way outside of normal stereotypes when it comes to gifting. Our team recently started sending out gifts to employees who have become new parents to celebrate important milestones in their employees’ life which may or may not be related to their work. These small actions seals a higher trust and credibility in employees.

2. Improved employee retention:

By sending out employee and clients gifts or business gifts, you are recognising the hard work and contributions of your fellow team members. This sends out positive signals to the employees about the company’s view towards them which in turn, increases loyalty. Most of the employees want to work in such an environment where they are valued. Personal recognition is one of the methods used by corporations to instill a sense of community and increased sense of belonging.

3. Increased productivity:
Employees and clients realise that their company is invested in them, and are willing to go beyond their promises by giving them unique gifts for celebrating their efforts and success. This encourages employees to reciprocate the behaviour of going way above their productivity to achieve more, ultimately boosting overall company productivity.

4. Better employee relations:
Gifting is great to show employees that your workplace is supportive and symbolise mutual respect and appreciation. When employees belong to a group, that is the company, they engage with each other more, leading to better collaboration and teamwork, which can have a positive impact on employee relations.

5. Positive impact on company culture:
Using gifts to celebrate milestones, achievements, or recognition of an employee’s hard work can create a company culture where everyone feels positive and motivated to give their best at work.

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In this article we looked at the seven factors to consider while selecting a corporate gifting company. Following these tips will help you create a company culture that is more productive and engaged. These seven factors include the quality of gifts available at the vendor, possibility to customise based on your requirements, flexible selections, excellent customer service and cost efficiency, compliance and maximum reachability in terms of deliverability.

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