An Innovative Rewards and Recognition Platform that elevates Employee Engagement

Features of EngageLoop

Seamless and Simplified Recognition Platform

Virtual Activities for Employees

1000+ Experimental Rewards

Custom Reward Programs

Gamification of Rewards

Gift Vouchers of All Major Brands

Focus on Mental and Physical Wellness


Easily Configurable Rewards Platform

Rewards and Recognition Platform

Celebrate small and big achievements with our points-based Rewards and Recognition Platform. Collect and Redeem points through Badges, honours and awards from our platform, giving employees access to 1000s of brands.

Employee Engagement Programs

Engaged employees result in high performing teams. We have designed programs that foster team bonding through gamification and programs that are curated based on organisation requirements.

How our platform works

Create a culture of recognition and enhance employee morale with our innovative R&R platform. This is where HR teams can create rewards as per the company values, assign points for achievements and milestones. 
Managers can reward individuals or teams instantly, in the form of badges and certificates. Employees have the opportunity to redeem their points on our unique Rewards Redemption store.

Celebrate Small and Big achievements

Peer to Peer Recogonition

Communication and Social Recognition Reports and Analytics

Employee Wellbeing, Ease of Use and Easy to Configure

Rewards and Recognition Platform – EngageStore

This point-based Rewards and Recognition platform, EngageStore, ensures that both the employer and employee are benefitted by presenting a wide range of options to choose from. The employer, peer, manager and employee can present badges, certificates, or activities to anyone in the company as part of internal employee recognition.  Employees can engage in an experience or service through points and rewards redemption that will enhance their satisfaction at work and personality through this 360-Degree Recognition Platform. The points are redeemable on the online store for services and experiences related to Mental or physical wellness, virtual team building activities, group recreational activities, learning a new skill and experiences related to talent fitness and hobby.

Employee Engagement Programs – EngagePro

EngagePro is our solution for Employers and all relevant Stakeholders , that facilitate Employee wellbeing (Physical, mental and emotional), training, assessments, onboarding, and CSR activities.We provide an entire range of high-impact HR Technology Solutions to organizations seeking growth, and performance satisfaction for their candidates and employees.
Our solutions cater to this by accommodating the needs of organizations through meticulous research and consultation. EngagePro is your one-stop hub for programs that facilitate overall growth, upskilling and overall employee engagement.


Employee Wellness Programs


CSR Activities


Team Building Activities


Corporate events


Employee Engagement Chat Bot


Payroll and Expense management systems


Tech and Soft Skill Trainings


Personality Development


Financial Wellness

EngageLoop Platform

Why do you need a Rewards & Recognition Platform?

Attract talented employees and retain them

Foster personal growth and development

Improve employee satisfaction at work

Higher positive image for the company and branding

Motivate employees and boost creativity

Ability to utilize employee benefits leading to higher profitability and productivity

Foster team growth

Recognise competencies and breed higher performance

How We Help


  • Enhance productivity and build positive workplace culture
  • Emphasis on employee’s holistic wellbeing
  • Comprehensive reports & insights into company’s employee engagement levels


  • Instant Redemption of points on our exclusive rewards redemption online store
  • Bonding opportunity with co-workers in organisation
  • Access to avail unique collection of services, activities & experiences for Family and Friends
  • Beneficial for Tax savings

Partners/Service Providers

  • Access to Well Renowned Corporate organisations
  • Showcase unique offerings and products
  • Complete Process automation to reduce admin overheads

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