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An Innovative Rewards and Recognition Platform that elevates Employee Engagement with Peer-to-Peer recognition, points-based rewards and a redemption store with an array of options.

Why EngageLoop

EngageLoop is a Rewards and Recognition platform that aims to revamp the traditional rewards and recognition system, allowing employees to recognise peers and colleagues virtually with customised rewards and messages to take their pick from an
extensive catalogue of rewards.

Unified Platform for recognition, allocation of points, redemption and analytics

Gamification of Rewards and Programs

Easily configurable Rewards & Recognition platform

Comprehensive reports to understand employee engagement levels


A points-based Rewards and Recognition platform that is easy-to-use and offers customizable
rewards . EngageLoop drives peer to peer recognition and instant gratification through a rich
catalogue of Experiential Rewards, Global Vouchers from over 500 brands, and more!

Build a positive work culture through Peer-to-Peer recognition

1000+ Experiential Rewards, Team Building activities, Global Vouchers and more


Reports and analysis on Employee Engagement & Rewards spends

Retain Talent through a 360-degree Engagement approach

Structured Rewards & Recognition program

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Director’s Note

“Innovative technologies are revolutionising Workforce Management . Employee engagement for a hybrid workforce will mean more than just physical meetings, team collaborations, and group meeting sessions. We believe companies will have to ensure their employees are actively involved and enabled to achieve business goals. Rewards and recognition have often played a direct role in influencing employee productivity and keeping them motivated. With the shift towards a hybrid workforce, HR professionals will have to rethink their rewards mix to better track and recognize employee achievements.With the beginning of a new business era, let’s change the way we engage and reward employees.”

Vinod John

Co-Founder & MD

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