Are your employees able to stay sane and balanced amidst the rising Chaos of the Pandemic?
The biggest challenge in enduring the coronavirus pandemic is the uncertainty about the future. As we cope-up with each day and try to make a living for ourselves and our families we face new ambiguities every day. The current situation is impacting individuals, families at a personal level and employees, organizations at the professional level. How do we plan to cope up with this? Are we going to give in to the situation or are we reinventing techniques of dealing with these uncertainties?

Self-isolations and Work from Home scenarios are in a way causing anxiety in employees and resulting in poor work-life balance. Employees are totally cut – off from
in-person human interaction and are spending most of their time just in-front of the laptops, both during working and non-working hours. Is that acceptable for the
employees’ wellbeing? Do employees know how important it is to draw healthy boundaries and concentrate on reviving and re-energising oneself?

Impact of the Current Scenario on Employees:
●  Increase in anxiety: The anxious behaviour in employees is being triggered due to uncertainty, many employees are also losing their jobs which is leading to a
high level of insecurity amongst them.
●  Loss of Work Life Balance: It is very essential to dedicate your working hours diligently to work, and at the same time take out quality time for yourself, friends
and family. Considering the current scenario, this can be done online, a Zoom Call with friends / family living away can bring in a sense of joy and connectivity
●  No In-person Human Interaction: Human Interaction is a very core aspect that keeps employees in teams connected and also enables employers to have a pulse of their workforce. This is definitely something that is currently falling out of the
●  Minimalistic Team Engagement activities: Team engagement has been reduced to only Birthday and Work Anniversary online celebrations. And the most a team interacts can be at a weekly / monthly meeting
●  Increased work pressure: As the times are dynamic and every sector is getting impacted due to the current scenario, except for organizations that have a
definite process and workflow. There are high chances of delegation of responsibility getting hampered and increasing the stress of employees and in-turn impacting their performance levels.

5-Step Solution for Employee Wellbeing:
● Regular Emotional Check-In of Employees: Organizations are like one big family working towards a single goal. A regular check-in on the mental and emotional state of employees helps in creating a healthy human capital.
● Live Fitness Sessions: Sessions like Yoga, Pranayama, Dance therapy, Zumba etc. which can be fun and a great stress buster both at the same time.
● COVID Support Sessions: Experts can moderate sessions where employees are educated on the preventive measures for the pandemic, interactions etc.

● One-on-One Counselling: Many employees may be isolated alone, there are chances of them feeling low, depressed, anxious, unworthy. It is essential to
identify if someone in your peers is going through this phase and help them talk to a counsellor or mental health expert.
● Surprise your employees: Surprises can be highly gratifying. Make it a point to do something that makes a special day / occasion of your colleague more memorable.

Though under constraints you can still try and get something delivered to their place or organise an online event just to meet-up or acknowledge the efforts being put-in by your team. Your one word of appreciation can change the approach of your employees towards good.

EngageLoop – Reinvents employee engagement by providing you an array of unique services that help you positively impact the lives of your employees.
EngageLoop is a platform with over 1000+ experiential rewards to choose from for instant gratification and beating the stress. Employees can sign-up with EngageLoop
and get access to certified Wellness Partners and Certified Practitioners. 

Services that can be availed:
● Counselling and Therapy – By verified and certified mental health practitioners. Both one-on-one and group therapy sessions are provided.
● Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Programs – Assessments, Analysis, Counselling, Final Report.
● Support Groups – Live Interactive sessions that solve issues on a real-time basis
● Live and Interactive Fitness Sessions: Yoga, Dance Therapy, Guided Meditation, Pranayama
● Free Access to Mental Health Programs for the Month of May – Considering the current scenario, and with emotional and mental wellbeing a major concern, this can be availed at zero price for the month of May. Wellbeing is priceless, avail it and make the most of it Now.

Spread the awareness of Mental health, it is ‘Okay to Not be Okay’. Speak up, check on your peers regularly and help others to cope-up with situations. In the busy routine of our daily lives, many don’t actively think about mental health. Proactively addressing our mental health positively impacts lives. It’s worth the effort, Time to make one!