HireLoop has recently added a feather to its cap for its outstanding performance as an Onboarding and Candidate Management Software. It is an accolade presented by a renowned software review platform.

FinancesOnline, one of the popular software review platforms, has given the Rising Star Award to HireLoop. It is a recognition for onboarding and candidate management software brands that have achieved progressive growth of a stable customer base and loyal users over a short time.

Aside from the increasing followers and a couple of social media mentions, FinancesOnline recognized its exceptional features and robust performance as an onboarding and candidate management software.

FinancesOnline posted an extensive HireLoop review and recommended its notable features that are an excellent fit for any company. According to the review experts, the onboarding and candidate management tool allows the implementation of comprehensive, streamlined, and personalized onboarding plans and strategies. 

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HireLoop has distinct features that make it an efficient onboarding and candidate management software, such as engagement and experience associates, post-joining surveys, digital outreach, management and operational insights, trend analysis, team performance evaluation, and more.

One of the distinct features of the app is the unique engagement template. It is created once a job offer is sent to the candidate based on their profile, skill set, duration of the notice period, and how critical the candidate is. The template offers numerous ‘touch points’– a term for engagement strategies–that the startup can use to start a conversation with a candidate.

Various automated and intelligent tools and touchpoints, including emails, SMS, videos, and chatbots, can inform, engage, and motivate qualified and skilled job candidates.

Another feature or a conceptualized platform during the pandemic outbreak is the EngageLoop. It is a concept created for cultural recognition and employee rewards.

With EngageLoop, HR teams can design rewards aligned with the company’s values and distribute points for significant and little accomplishments and lifecycle events like work anniversaries, birthdays, and project completion.

Employees can use the site to redeem their points for unique experiences like skydiving, rafting, language lessons, gym memberships, art and craft workshops, musical instrument lessons, salsa dancing, or mental health programs. 

Last is the management and operational insights feature, which offers response time and areas to improve for the candidate. The HR team can benefit here in such a way that they can assess the performance of the members across all teams. 

Hiring exciting talents for the job can sometimes be a lot of work. It’s either a hit or miss, so employers must have the right tool to help streamline their hiring process. According to Talent Board’s recent survey, 79% of companies plan to buy technology to help remove bias from the application and screening process.

Software with efficient and distinct features is what review platforms look for in their list of top onboarding and candidate management software these days. HireLoop would like to thank FinancesOnline for the fantastic opportunity. Recognition from a premier brand is a privilege that we will always cherish.

HireLoop would like to thank our loyal customer base for the fantastic support you have given us over the years. We aim to work with you more in the coming years. 

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